pre-Erasmus feelings

In one week, I will be abroad to study at a different University. I signed up for this Erasmus+ in a serene way, but will I really be ready?

Sometimes, I’m terrified about the experience, while other times, I’m really excited, maybe because I don’t know what will happen.

How did I join Erasmus+?

I decided to join Erasmus+ during my month abroad in the UK. In the future, I would like to work overseas. So I told myself, “Why not start with a semester at another University?”.
So, I did it.
Initially, I wasn’t entirely prepared for this new adventure because I lacked the proper certificates. Also, I didn’t know every step and form I would have had to fill out. So I spent the whole months of January and February studying English at Wall Street English school to take the IELTS test and get a 6.0 Score.
Nearly the end of February, after a trip to Milan to sit the exam and days of waiting, I finally got my certificate! After that, I subscribed to the first part of the Erasmus+ call and waited again.
After a month (or more), I was accepted to the University of Klagenfurt.

It wasn’t easy at all. First, there are many documents to submit just to be accepted. Then, after being taken, there is the scariest document to fill out: the LEARNING AGREEMENT. This is the most significant problem because you have to find exams in the host university and find correspondence to exams in your home university. It is hard because sometimes, the classes on the university website are not explained enough to understand what happens during the lessons. It is also hard to find correspondence between classes made in different countries.

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Why Klagenfurt?

Anyway, Klagenfurt is an Austrian city in the south of the country. It is surrounded by mountains, and it is bathed by a lake. Nature can’t miss here.
The city is neither too big nor too small. I think it will be close to Cuneo in terms of size and number of people.
I decided to join the University of Klagenfurt (also called AAU, “Alpen Adria Universität”) because most of the classes are similar to the courses I will have to do in the same period at my home university. Moreover, I would like to participate in an international university where AAU looks perfect.
The number of students seems much higher than in my uni department, and many are students from anywhere in the world.

Goals and Expectations

My expectations are:

  • Improve my spoken English and my academic English as well;
  • Meet countless people from everywhere and discover lots of things about different cultures and costumes;
  • Find a different organization in the classes (Italian classes are much more theoretical than other countries’ classes).

On the other side, my goals are:

  • Try to learn German better and get a solid base for my future language studies;
  • Spend more time doing activities outside and sports (this is because on the web I saw so many pictures about people who do lots of sports 🙂).

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