Erasmus+ Trip

Austria vs Italy

After five months in Austria, I think I can write an article about the most significant difference that I found during my stay in the German speaker country. I encountered countless differences between the lifestyle (day-to-day life) and the way to teach at the University. Especially for the last list of differences, I’ll give a list of pros and cons from my point of view.


pre-Erasmus feelings

In one week, I will be abroad to study at a different University. I signed up for this Erasmus+ in a serene way, but will I really be ready?


New Day, New Adventure

In September 2021, I decided to spend one month in the UK to improve my knowledge of English. So, I went to London and stayed with a family in a terraced house near Hampstead Heath. It is a vast park where you can see London and its skyscrapers if you reach the top. My school was Kaplan Covent Garden. A college with countless students from anywhere. Maybe, primarily Japanese and people from south-America. The school is perfect for reaching the main attractions in London and relaxing. There were three parks near it and many restaurant chains, such as Pret a Manager, Starbucks, Coco di Mama, and others. During this month, I spent many hours as a tourist. Indeed, I visited attractions such as Windsor Castle, Tower Bridge, and Hyde Park. It was an extraordinary experience where I learned much, not only English!